Restaurant Charcoal 12kg

Restaurant Charcoal 12kg

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Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal - 12kg

Premium quality, restaurant grade 100% natural lumpwood charcoal

Its high density provides consistent long burn time whilst giving an authentic barbecue taste. This charcoal is the chef's choice as it offers highly intense heat with hours of burn time. 

  • Used by restaurants and professional chefs
  • Burns hotter and longer than ordinary charcoal
  • Gives better results
  • Suitable for XL BBQs that require more heat
  • Large charcoal pieces prevent them from falling through any air vents.
  • A great choice when cooking over a fire pit
  • Its high density provides consistent long burn time
  • Ideal for all kinds of grilling and barbecue equipment

Lumpwood charcoal is the most natural charcoal, producing very little ash. It has easy temperature control and burns with a woody finish adding great flavour to food. Due to its natural structure, it will not give any unwanted flavours.